Awareness campaign

As a healthcare professional, help spread the word on a global scale

The We CARE awareness campaign was officially launched during EuroPCR 2021 on 18 May. You are being called upon to:

  • Share with all stakeholders how the suspension of essential cardiac care due to COVID-19 measures has had and continues to have a dramatic effect on patient outcomes
  • Advocate for uninterrupted invasive and non-invasive cardiac care during the pandemic and any other comparable challenging situation in the future.

To support you in this endeavour, please use the images, posters and flyers in the below media kit. More tools and guidelines will be made available shortly to help and encourage you and your region to:

  • Prevent procedure postponement;
  • Ensure the preparedness of healthcare systems.

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We CARE aims at embracing all stakeholders involved in cardiac patient care, including physicians from various fields, to develop resources and actions that will aid the medical practice in the aftermath of the pandemic and other similar events. Register now to be the first to know when new content and events, such as informational videos, infographics, reports, and webinars, are added.

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