Impact on patient outcomes

It would come as no surprise to healthcare professionals that the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent suspension of essential cardiac care has had a detrimental impact on patient outcomes, as the visual illustrates. Among the notable consequences have been a rise in the number of cardiac deaths at patients’ homes and a higher percentage of complications due to late presentation/delayed treatment, as well as an expected worse long-term prognosis.

Work group and methodology

Dr. Mylotte et al. focused on existing evidence about the pandemic’s impact on interventional cardiology procedures in both acute and elective settings, with the goal of better understanding the impact on patient outcomes.

  • Systematic weekly literature review related to COVID/interventional cardiology performed using the Medline and Embase databases
  • PICO-based approach to conduct the research:
    • Population: Patients presenting with acute and chronic coronary syndromes, structural heart diseases
    • Intervention: COVID-19 pandemic
    • Comparison: Pre-pandemic periods
    • Outcome: Rates of admission for coronary syndromes (ACS), ACS ischaemic times, ACS complications, and rates of coronary/structural elective procedures
  • Scope : all clinical studies (prospective/retrospective observational studies) and surveys, investigating worldwide interventional cardiology activity, incidence of coronary syndromes and structural heart diseases, and their management during the pandemic
  • Use of data from national/multicentre studies

Available resources

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We CARE launch/presentation @EUROPCR2021

COVID-19 impact on patient cardiac care (video) – Dr D Mylotte

(EUROPCR 2021)

COVID-19 impact on patient cardiac care (PDF) – Dr D Mylotte

(EUROPCR 2021)


COVID-19 impact on cardiac patients infographics


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