Work packages and timeline

Work packages

The project comprises four complementary work packages:

WP1 – Developing a ‘resilience assessment tool’ focusing on monitoring and strengthening the continuity of care delivery for cardiovascular patients during crises. The approach driven by the AMC Research Group includes a scoping literature review, a survey of healthcare professionals, and focus groups with multi-stakeholder representation.

WP2 – Pilot-testing the resilience assessment tool involving cardiovascular healthcare professionals and institutions from Catalonia and Italy. Leading this phase, CatSalut will collect in-depth feedback to refine the tool before its official launch.

WP3 – Co-leading the communication and dissemination strategy, GISE and We CARE will ensure widespread adoption of the tool and recommended standards. Efforts include engaging with patient organisations, workshops with NGOs, and collaboration with the European Joint Action on Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes.

WP4 – Project coordination, financial management, data and publication management, ethics and risk management, and the Advisory Board governance are handled by We CARE.

Project timeline

The implementation of the RESIL-Card project will span over a 36-month period.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s EU4Health work programme under grant agreement No. 101129203.

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