The mission

A community that is thinking globally and acting locally

PCR Chairman, William Wijns, and Stent-Save a Life! Chairman, Christoph Naber, together with a group of renowned interventional cardiologists and researchers from around the world, want the joint advocacy programme We CARE to « rebuild patients confidence and help stakeholders provide effective and timely cardiac care through knowledge, education, and training. »

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The COVID-19 pandemic: a catalyst for the launch of We CARE

At the outset of the COVID-19 crisis, many authorities postponed non-essential medical procedures until the outbreak could be better understood and contained.
The We CARE initiative stemmed from cardiologists’ observations that too many patients are still postponing appointments and declining treatments, even in life-threatening situations. The consequences are dramatic on two counts. Many of those who survive have a significantly decreased quality of life, and the future strain on the healthcare system is unpredictable.

  • Patients must understand that failing to seek or continue medical treatment for cardiovascular care would almost certainly damage the heart, while the risk of contracting COVID-19 in a controlled healthcare setting is much lower.
  • Public authorities and decision-makers worldwide must remember that delaying medical care for serious heart diseases is no different than delaying cancer treatment. When it comes to heart disease, time is of the essence.

Focus on the methodology

Following the first wave of COVID-19, international experts in interventional cardiology, epidemiology, and infectious diseases convened under the aegis of PCR and Stent-Save a Life! to reflect on how to prevent delays in cardiac treatment during future new waves.

Four working groups were created with specific goals: to understand the actual impact of COVID-19 on interventional cardiology; to collect the perspectives of patients and HCPs; to collect strategies and recommendations shared by national and international scientific societies; and to propose practical solutions.

Regular meetings were held to brainstorm and determine how to develop and share valuable outputs for the community and HCPs.

We CARE thanks the countless other healthcare practitioners from around the globe who are contributing to this initiative.

Meet the Core Team!

Healthcare providers are treating patients with and without COVID, while exposing their own life. We have important messages to share with the world, because We CARE.

Dr William Wijns (Galway, Ireland)

We need you to speak up for your patients! They have no one better to do so!

Dr Christoph Naber (Wilhelmshaven, Germany)

COVID-19 has disrupted and diminished our capacity to care for our patients with heart disease. It’s now time to re-emerge from the shadow of the pandemic and shine a light on cardiovascular care. We CARE.

Dr Darren Mylotte (Galway, Ireland)

Our hearts must go on! – We CARE, and we want to make sure heartcare does not stop in the pandemic.

Dr Andreas Baumbach (London, United Kingdom)

The COVID pandemia found us unprepared and unveiled a number of deficiencies in our health care systems.  Above all, access to essential cardiovascular treatments has been impeded for too long and for too many patients. Help us avoid this tragedy to happen again. If you care about cardiovascular disease, join us, because We CARE.

Dr Francesco Maisano (Milano, Italy)

Cardiovascular care has been halted during the pandemic peaks, other treatments have not. This is a mistake we must remedy, because We CARE. Join us in this mission.

Dr Flavio Ribichini (Verona, Italy)

Heart attacks DON’T care about COVID. But, We CARE about you throughout COVID.

Dr Mattia Lunardi (Galway, Ireland)

COVID-19 has put everyone’s life on hold, more for some than others. Cardiac patients shouldn’t be a collateral damage of the pandemic. As patient or physician, media or public authority, We CARE and all have a word to say and a role to play to ensure access to cardiovascular care is preserved.

Sandrine Wallace (We CARE Project Manager)

Unity is strength

We CARE values collaboration and is eager to welcome organisations that share our strong commitment to the same cause. Wherever you are located around the globe, and whether you represent a national society, a patient association, an industry partner or a public health authority, please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our initiative and how you can contribute to its success.

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