New and enhanced communication links

Maintaining contact with patients and colleagues is essential

COVID has highlighted gaps in the pathway of care for cardiac patients. We strongly recommend new and enhanced communication strategies between patients and primary physicians/cardiologists on one hand, and between primary physicians and cardiologists on the other hand. It will help streamline diagnosis, monitoring and the treatment of non-hospitalised but diseased patients, and so prevent acute events or the worsening of stable conditions.

How to foster effective communication between patients and healthcare practitioners?

Set up a direct phone-line at a set timeslot each day, so patients can call a cardiologist for quick advice.

Send out weekly SMS messages to your patients, reminding them to call in case of new or worsening symptoms.

Set up a personal or cardiology division web platform for virtual appointments. Offer the timeslots to patients who are particularly worried about the risk of infection when visiting their doctors.

Reaching out to patients sometimes is not enough. We strongly recommend enhanced communication links between all of us. Discover how to improve connections with the GP/other specialist colleagues involved in each case.

How to enhance communication links between GPs, cardiologists and other medical specialists?

A dedicated cardiologist could take care of this service on a weekly rota basis, answering queries about exam interpretation and requests, etc. and avoiding unnecessary in-person appointments that overcrowd the department.

Ask your administrative services to set up the automatic transmission of discharge letters or exams directly to each patient’s referring physician. It will avoid patients making an appointment just to hand over documents.

Organise shared web consultations when appropriate. For example, a GP can ask a cardiologist to join a particularly challenging CV patient visit, or a cardiologist may invite a GP to join a cardiac consultation.

Alternatively, this approach could be used between GPs and cardiologists/medical specialists to discuss patient diagnosis and therapeutic pathway options.

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